Considerations when choosing the best laminate flooring for your home

In making our homes look beautiful inside, many people have opted for laminate flooring. These designs of flooring are relatively easy and cheap to install. These floors mimic other surface types from the stone, ceramic tiles and even wood floors. For people who want to laminate their floors, they opt to know the different laminate options available and which one they will prefer.



  • Color and style

Laminate flooring comes in different styles and colors. Therefore, before one chooses a particular laminate flooring for their houses, they should make sure they choose that which will match with their house colors. The style of the laminate should be that they really have been admiring. Consider also the size of your house to choose on a particular laminate flooring. These comes in a variety of sizes and variations as 8 x 47 inch tongue and groove planks, and 15inch or 24 inch square tiles.

  • Room

For the kitchen floors, tiles are considered the best. To improve the aesthetics of a long room, extra long planks will best suit. Planks coming in different sizes will be used according to the room size. For extra long rooms, planks up to 2m are available. For normal to long rooms, planks of 120cm are available.

  • Thickness

In describing quality, we should never consider thickness. There are several plank thickness available in the market. They range from 6mm up to 12mm laminate flooring. For commercial uses, the best plank size are the 12mm thick planks. However, for domestic use, the 7mm plank has been greatly used as it is of good quality considering its price. Such companies asĀ Golden Elite Group, have preferences on the kind of plank sizes they store. The sub-standard 6mm planks are not stored. They consider them as unsuitable for their customers as they are known to last for a short time.

  • Material and methods

The laminate flooring tools are made from different materials. You should always consider quality product made from quality materials. Also how the products are made will reflect their quality. Different methods gives different quality products. A combination with strong beautiful products should be considered.

  • Skirting boards

We should never overlook also to laminate skirting boards. If they are laminated early, they give such a beautiful appearance in your room. In replacing such boards, always make sure old boards are taken up and the new laminate put down. In cases where the old boards are to be kept, special tools are used to shave under them before the new laminate are fixed.

  • Texture

Different products have been made with different textures. These finishes feel differently. They range from frosted, silk and even matt. Consider that texture you want by feeling it before buying.

  • Place

Given that all places in a house or even an office can have laminate flooring, not all laminates suit in all these places. Each room has its own special laminate that can work best. In the kitchen, tile laminates are the best, but you can also use stairs laminates. However, in such wet rooms like in a laundry or a bathroom, a special plank designed will be required to last in such places.


In conclusion, people should always seek professional advice about laminate flooring. Doing this will enable them settle on the best laminates for their houses and offices.